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the Edge.

I’m sure you’ve heard teachers say don’t go past your edge, or meet your edge, or something about an edge…. but what the hell is your ‘edge’?
Your edge is the spot that you feel like your doing something different but your not stepping over the boundary into a free fall to Hurtville. Your breath might be a bit shallower and your strength will usually be challenged. This is an opportunity to improve your practice, but it also comes with the hard part…stepping back. Inner reflection can allow yourself to take the ego out the the pose and come back to your mat with awareness; stepping back and knowing you have taken care of yourself, mind and body.


For example, when your in your side plank, hips high off the ground, attempting to lift your top leg and your starting to feel pain in your wrist, you’re at your edge and might want to take a variation to the pose.
I feel most people might not want to do this though. Your starting to feel the pain but not the good ‘i’m strengthening my muscles’ pain, but ‘I’m tearing joints’ pain You might think that by pushing through the pain no one in class will think you can’t do the asana or its only 5 more breaths…..
A strong sense if self will let your body know when you should back off that edge (please don’t jump) and keep yourself safe so you can come back to the next class!

And keep in mind, everyone is in class for different reason and its usually not to look at you! Yoga can offer so many benefits for those who are willing to both put the time and effort in, while (most importantly) looking inward to become better aware of your sense of self.

Yes I know he’s sayin ‘ledge’ but once I thought of the song I just couldn’t get it out of my head!