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New Bedford has it all!

Moby Dick's Tale!

This week New Bedford was named one of 2011 Dozen Distinctive Destinations! Vote for NB HERE!

They mention all the awesome things that are available to us in the area, but here is a list of cool things that you may or may not be aware of that just adds to the splendor of New Bedford!

Overhead Arts: Aerial Circus classes right in our own city!

New Bedford Half Marathon: Right around the corner and also Downtown NB Inc. does the Restaurant Run the same day!

aHA! Night: FREE arts & culture event which takes place the 2nd Thursday of every month in Downtown NB.

And of COURSE; yoga!

You can always come visit me! or here is some other studios that are in New Bedford:

In love and Light Yoga

Anjali Yoga and Wellness

I know there are yoga classes held at most gyms as well. There are also LOADS of teachers and more studios in the area but for now I’m sticking to the New Bedford Theme.

Feel free to contact me if you know of anymore cool things and I’ll be sure to list them!


Climbing, Stretching, Chris Lindner … and some yoga

Carabiners  is the only climbing gym around the southcoast area, the next closest would be Providence or Boston, although a couple of the Southcoast YMCAs have walls, but not like Carabiners. The membership is really affordable and if you want to try it out, and you’ve never been, tell me! You can bring 2 free guests a month with a membership.

For the past couple years I’ve been going there. It’s pretty sweet (and they are working on opening up a new one in CT sometime soon). It is a good way to get a good workout and its kinda a social thing too (you can look for a partner here ). I know when I used to go later on at night, there would be a good amount of people working on bouldering problems, top-roping, or lead climbing.

After climbing I find that my forearms are usually on fire. So there are some stretching moves, like turning your hands up,to loosen up. But how can yoga help climbers? A google video search turned up with this:

It was weird that there is just random climbing shots in there (i think one of the climbers is Chris Lindner**) That’s just a sample of a longer video, but there are plenty of asanas that would be great for climbers, here’s a few that I thought of:

Seated Spinal Twist

Standing Foward Bend (Uttanasana) Variation

Eagle (Garudasana)

What else?

**best hair, for a guy with long hair.