Throughout my blog I mention different types of yoga that one can practice.  To clarify what different types there are, I’ll be taking the next couple months to dive into a couple different types and explain what each entails.

Power Yoga: is actually a generic term for a mix of vinyasa yoga and muscle toning / conditioning moves. Throughout a yoga practice there are opportunities to work on different muscle groups to improve strength and endurance. For example, while in utkatasana (chair pose; see picture below) you can rock up onto your toes and then back to your heels, while keeping your backside in place, strengthening your calves.

Power yoga also focusing on using your breath to flow through movements and poses (like most flow yoga practices). Though more vigorous than the average class, this would be for a person who is looking for a bit of fitness in their yoga routine, but don’t want to miss out on the other benefits that yoga provides (mentally and physically).

UtkatasanaPower yoga doesn’t usually follow a set of certain poses, but can use the flow movements (like a sun salutation (Surya Namaskara)) to increase heat in the body and set the stage for more challenging poses. Here is a good article for an overview of the history and links to a more in-depth look into power yoga.



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