Benefits…for runners (or joggers, or walkers)

In the world of running, there are many different levels that you can consider yourself to be in. Marathoner, 10k runner, jogger, walk/jogger, or even if you just like to walk, yoga offers benefits that can improve many aspects of your routines.

Stamina. What better way to be able to improve your run with more cardiovascular endurance and having better breath control. Yoga has many different breathing techniques/exercises that are used in your practice that increase your ability  to breath better.

Strength. There are different types of yoga and I encourage everyone to try a couple of different types to find one that you like the best. For a runner, a  style close to vinyasa or ashtanga might be the one that is a good fit for you. These styles use fluid movement and can include more challenging poses, that people who are looking for a fitness challenge might enjoy. Try doing a nice, slooooow chattarunga and hold a boat pose and see your strength in your arms and abs improve.

Here is just a short list of benefits. I’ve found that keeping these posts shorter, encourages readers to read the whole thing! So I will follow up with more benefits for runner at another time. Until then, namaste.


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