motivation and bloating.

Feeling like a bloated squirrel

I think its been officially 5 days that a headache has been lingering and 2 days since I was able to fit in my jeans. So lets talk about it.

I know there are medications like midol and what not, but what about some natural ways to make you feel better? After a quick search for some suggestions, it seems like the best thing is to exercise regularly and eat healthy. ok…what doesn’t eating healthy and exercising not cure?

The problem is getting motivated to work on these tasks before you are already in agony. So what works best to get yourself going? It’s different for all types of people. Some need a workout partner, some like to keep a journal. I’ve found its best to set small reachable goals. So since the detox post, I have yet to start, but am for sure tomorrow (already have my lunch packed, dinner made, and breakfast ready).  So now my goal is to finish the week, eating healthy and reaching my goal of detox, and either doing yoga, or exercising each day.

Now, I think it might be a good time to talk about some yoga poses to AVOID during this wonderful time of the month. Inversions first can be hard on the body for many different reasons, and you can read about them here. Also balancing poses might be a bit harder than usual on theses days,  since your sense of balance might be a little weary and you might be feeling a little more tired than usual.

So what are some good asanas then? Here is a few:

Head to Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana) which relieves cramps

Cobra Pose (Bhujang Asana) which alleviates menstrual irregularities

Supported Bridge Pose (Supported Setu Bandha) which helps relieve pelvic congestion

So make sure to get a good sleep during this time and hopefully set some goals to get you motivated for the month ahead!


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