Yoga Detox…

Yoga Detox Diet Day 1- Sunday Sept 5th.

As soon as you hear detox diet, you might think, eat nothing for days on end, and drink some lame mix of maple syrup and pepper. This diet is not like it at all.

It’s all about bringing your body back to a more natural balance. Throughout the whole diet you can eat as many fruits, prepared anyway and as much as you like. The first 2 days you eat a breakfast, which would be something like organic yogurt with fruit, then lunch and dinner, which would consist of a whole grain and a protein serving, and as many veggies/salad you might like. keep in mind that seasoning shouldn’t be non-existent, but you are consciously choosing oils or herbs that are fresh and natural.

Day 3,4, and 5 you are limited to just fruits, and by ‘limited’ i mean you can eat around 2000 different things. So try out those fruits that you never heard of, make a tomato and avocado salad (because they ARE fruits!). And drink as much herbal tea as your heart desires. Then back to the same as day 1 and 2 for day 6 and 7.

The hardest part will be cutting out my morning coffee and the temptation of food that always seems to be around when you trying your best to reach a goal. It’s suggested that you make sure to get 7-9 hours sleep a night and plan on either doing yoga, or exercising everyday, you will be surprised how much energy natural food has on your system. So who’s in!?


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  1. When are you starting?


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