Vacation; eat and rest and do yoga

I want to apologize for my lack of posts in the past month.  With limited internet and a new job, I might have lost sight at the little things that I wanted to keep up on. Exercising, yoga, and my blog included. So here’s to starting to get back on track…

So now that it coming to the end of summer it seems like people are either done taking their vacations or scrambling to get in a couple days off before the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder. So what exactly do most people do on vacation?

Stay-cation? All-inclusive? backpacking?

Since in a couple weeks, my new husband and I will he heading down to Brazil and Argentina, I was doing a quick search of yoga studios in the areas that I could try out. That made me think…are there any good websites that encompass this information for us travelers? Quick answer; no, not that I’ve come across.

There are tons of places that offer yoga retreats and yoga vacations, but what is the best way to find a studio and a class that you might want to try? I found that just a good old Google search found the best results. Using the google maps function I was able to see the yoga studios and their websites all together, then just hop on their websites and read the description of classes. The fact that I don’t speak Portuguese or Spanish, limited my ability to read most, but I still got an idea…

If anyone else has suggestions please feel free to post.  Otherwise, you can always do you own practice anytime you want. Here is a cool link to help you take your practice outside of the studio and either use it at home or take the ideas on the road with you.

Stay-cations are also good for doing yoga, just look up a local yoga studio or gym and drop in! Or come see me, for my last power yoga class at the Dartmouth Y for a while on Thursday, or this weekend at Divine Power Yoga in Fall River!



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