Farmer’s Markets, more specifically, THIS WEEKEND

So this weekend is the opening weekend for the Tri-Town farmer’s market in Rochester. July there is one starting at Brooklawn Park  in New Bedford too.

I know there are WAY more opportunities to buy local and fresh, but its just the start of the season. What are some of the benefits of buying local? Well here’s a few:

1- Support local Southcoast Economy

2- You know that it is fresh

3- Most of the food is organic or pesticide free

Not only does this farmer’s market have fruits and veggies, there will be local vendors as well selling flowers, baked goods, and local ware. But before you go, there are a couple of things to keep in mind;

The season – different vegetables and fruits are available at different times, so keep in mind that if your looking for some pumpkins, now wouldn’t be ideal for that.

Larger quantity = larger savings. There is nothing wrong with packaging up some of that produce and packing it in the freezer

To read more tips…check this article out.

Hope to see you there!


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