Jillian Michaels is a beast.

Is it normal to be that jacked?

Sunday night Erin and Alicia came over and we decided to try Jillian Micheal’s Yoga meltdown On Demand. I really doubt she is certified as a yoga teacher, because it was totally a Jillian Micheals ‘Yell in your face and get your fat ass moving’ yoga. Here is her take on her workouts: “I work my ass off.  I have a trainer that I’m crazy about  and we do crazy shit like sledge hammers, kettle bells, holistics and biometric pull-ups…I’m very cutting edge and intense.” I guess when your (high paying)  job depends on being fit, its motivation.

Yoga meltdown was still fun though, because it’s more like an aerobic work out than yoga, and it was only about 25 min long. The question is, who has time to work out as much as Jillian Micheals?

Supposedly Jillian said she puts in 5 hours a week (lies?) which for a normal person is totally do-able. Push back dinner by 30 min and you’ve just gained 30 min to go take a walk, get on an elliptical, or do some intense house cleaning (yes cleaning IS a work out) by the end of the week, you already have 2.5 hour DONE!

Easier to say then do it though, right. Start a training log and keep track of your progress. I really like mapmyfitness.com. The training logs are user-friendly and really cool way to keep track of goals, and stats. Give it a try!


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  1. Posted by Lindsay on June 18, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Hey this is the first time i read your blog! i like! I agree with you, she obviously has worked out for hours a day since she was like 12 years old and was probably a really skinny kid to start off. I also wanted to say, check out http://www.myfitnesspal.com ….i love it!


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