Yoga in the City

NYC isn’t a place that you might think of to get a refreshing day, but the yoga trip there was the best day I’ve had in a while. Although the smell of the city air was a bit stale and urine scented, the yoga classes gave a great feeling of rejuvenation and restored the feeling of why I love practicing so much.

The teacher at Jivamukti was amazing. She was able to pinpoint every part of your body and tell you how it should feel in the pose. We focused on tadasana (mountain pose) throughout the whole practice and how each pose can be linked to a feeling and groundedness tadasana encompasses.

Om Factory was a completely different experience from Jivamukti. On the 17th floor (make fun of Erin at some point for pressing a keyhole to try to ring the elevator) in midtown we decided to try anti-gravity yoga.

It was so hard. The swinging part made it difficult to be comfortable at first and get the right balance. I think the next time I go back (which I for sure want to) it will be a lot more comfortable. One of our poses we did:

Too bad there isn’t a place up here that has something like this. Maybe one day I can own a studio and I’ll offer it, but until then NYC will be my destination.

Mallory is a vegan, so we decided to try out a vegan restaurant while we were there. We ended up at a raw place. I won’t do that again, but kudos to anyone that can stand that diet. A grassy stick tasting smoothie isn’t my idea of fulfilling. We really didn’t have time for much of anything else, but I would do it again next weekend if I could.


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  1. Posted by Mallory on June 7, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Next time we will try a cooked Veg place! I think raw is good to mix in with your diet but the smoothie pushed it a bit too far (tasted kind of like fresh cut grass), we are not lawn mowers : ).


    • agreed. I did like that I felt pretty good after eating it. I think the vegan ice cream was the best though. I would eat that all the time! Next time we will have to try to fit in 3 classes so I wont feel bad about eating an XLarge cup of ice cream!


  2. I hope I am not prying if I ask what the objective of doing yoga is?
    What do you intend to achieve by doing Yoga?
    Please know that I am not being sceptical here but just trying to understand your views on it. Seems there are a lot of different motives for doing yoga but what is the end purpose of yoga?


    • Well there are many reasons to do yoga. Its more of a never-ending journey to improve your poses, your inner self, and a combination of learning dedication and commitment. Its not for everyone and sometimes it takes a person to find the right teacher and style or yoga to be able to commit themselves. So I would suggest just trying a range of classes and see if it suits you!


  3. How I look at it is, there has always been was one single purpose for yoga. However that has changed over time. The benefits that came along the journey to fulfill the single purpose have also become the objectives in themselves. In retrospect, I don’t think it is bad since one can now go for the benefits which are a priority or which one thinks one can achieve. However it remains good only as long as one knows the complete picture and has consciously made a decision to reach somewhere in between. This doesn’t seems to be the case for most people doing yoga today. Rather yoga is now synonymous to physical exercises and to a small extent with some form of meditation.

    As my guru puts it “If you know a specific road takes you from place A to destination B and you have made a decision to travel that road only to reach a gas station somewhere in between, that is fine. However if you are stopping at the gas station because to you think that is the final destination on that road then……….”

    I agree it is a never ending journey. Even the ancient scriptures in India (from where Yoga came) state that one has to be blessed by the guru else once cannot achieve the sole objective of Yoga. Wish we all have/meet the right ones in this life (I am a believer of rebirths 🙂 ).


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