Music and Motivation

This morning I decided to get back into spinning, so i set my alarm for 5:22 and actually made it to class (it helped that I knew someone else was going to be there and I said I would go). My ulterior motive however, was to get some ideas for an ‘audition’ that I have the next week to teach spinning.

I realized, just like with yoga, the music and sounds are key. Motivation and music are tied together. I find there is different opinions on the changing of the soundtracks though. On one hand, keeping the same soundtrack allows everyone to  know where we are in class, but switching it up may evoke power and better energy.

Thoughts? Music suggestions?


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  1. I really enjoy the particular soundtrack you play during yoga. Some of the songs are so peaceful and relaxing while at the same time motivational. I think switching it up wouldn’t hurt as long as you kept the same tempo of the songs. That’s really how I know where we are in the workout–the speed of the song and the kind of energy it has to it. It might even inspire you to create a new combination of moves.


    • That’s a good point. I think I am going to look through my music tonight and see if I can put together something before class tonight, but for sure next week anyways. Any music suggestions? (no I wont play enya.)


      • As far as relaxing stuff, I like Natalie Walker and Sarah Fimm. I think you can look them up on youtube. They have some songs up there. It’s mostly just videos people put their own pics to so I wouldn’t necessarily watch the video haha.

  2. Pam,

    This is a phenomenal blog! Keep up the good work my yoga sensei!




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